18 May

Digitally safed values with Franchiseing

In an interview with Veronika Bellone, we explain how the LIBAL® franchise system enables local customer relations and LIBAL® customers to...
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01 Mar

Hunziker Betatech counts on the LIBAL® platform

With the lighthouse project ARA Oberengadin the Hunziker Betatech implements its BIM and plant engineering 2.0 methods.
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15 Jan

How LIBAL® brings technological facilities into the blockchain.

Within the scope of the "Blockchain for Facilities" project, a prototype was successfully tested for the first time. Thanks to the blockchain...
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13 Jan

Smart Pump Management. Cooperation between QUALIST and LIBAL®.

SMARTPUMP is the shortest and most cost-effective way for pump operators & maintainers to digitalise their operations and transform them into Industy...
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15 Jul

Technische Dokumentation, Datenbasis digitaler Geschäftsmodelle

Technische Redakteure erzeugen aus Daten Informationen, welche industrielle Unternehmen in Service Dienstleistungen gewinnbringend einsetzten. Im...
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25 Nov

Customised COBie; Dokumentation, Wartungs- und Ersatzteilinformationen sichern den Anlagenbetrieb

Sollte an einer Anlage ein Defekt auftreten und der Betreiber einen Produktionsausfall erleiden, können durch den Betreiber, mit den vorhandenen...
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10 Jun
03 Jun

Issue your plant and spare parts smart and efficiently with LIBAL®.

Save money and resources with LIBAL® by collaborating with your vendors to produce the Spare Parts Interchangeability Record within the LIBAL®...
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